Narrative animation : Script explanation

I realised i didn’t give the reasoning in the last post about the story and script itself for the Narrative animation

The point about the story is that its meant to be told at least at first through the subtext in its subject matter , the for example, the world in which it inhabits gives off a typical candy coloured school slice of life feel to it ‘where everything is possible and the friendship and working together will win you the day ‘ but its not , but don’t take it the wrong way either , its not a dark story with a coat of candy coloured paint on it , what it is the a expression on the thoughts or feelings of the the main character .

Cupcake is a young adult who is always after this random thing in the a store someone always gets before her , to cupcake the thing  represents success or being able to actually achieve her dreams or goals . She represents a person with a view point of optimistic nihilism , during that stage of life it can be common to feel nihilistic about life once a young persons view on the world is shattered by them realising that the world around them is rather indifferent to there existence and this can come in the form of a nihilistic view of the world around them . Cupcakes short term Goal by the end of the story is to finally achieve something , so this comes into form of something tangible something she can actually grasp and reach for and her thinking is that if she can get it , then she can still achieve her dreams anyway , no matter the apparent indifference.

Though all of this takes the form of comical mad dashes and plans to get the cupcake in the store over and over again .

she has a best-friend, who portrays the the pessimistic side of this way of thinking , the ‘What if’ someone who has given up trying and just ways to lay around and low standards of what she wants to do in life . She is meant to be the doubt of cupcakes optimistic ideals and in itself is a for form of antagonist for the character.

so far this is what story is about . though i have been playing around with some character types that could form another kind of antagonist for the character , though possibly over used in writing so I’m unsure if i should add this kinda of character into the mix . The talented Overachiever , one way to implement this sort of character would be have her stand as a insurmountable wall to cupcake as something to challenge her ideals and goals either with cupcake passively looking on from afar as she easily achieves everything she has ever wanted leading to internal conflict or followed by showing flaws in an otherwise supposedly perfect character leading to friendship and support between both characters , or a more antagonistic way of showing the character purposefully get in the way of cupcakes ideals and plans again shining doubt to her success , followed by more internal conflict and external conflict , followed by a redemption arc with similar results to the former implementation route .


Narrative Animation : List of stuff to do

  • Character Design : Cupcake overhaul + Character Sheet
  • Character Design : Cupcakes Depressed Best friend Overhaul + Character Sheet
  • Character Design : Basic Classmates Designs + Character Sheet (Maybe)
  • Character Design : Basic Teacher Design + Character Sheet (Maybe)
  • Environment Design : Classroom
  • Environment Design : Cupcakes House interior
  • Environment Design : Cupcakes house exterior
  • Environment Design : Outside of The Cupcake Shop
  • Animation Test : 1
  • Animation Test : 2
  • Final Animation : Basic
  • Final Animation : Refined
  • Final Animation : Coloured

Note to self :

Due to time span needed to complete current workload , this project has been moved to 1st priority

Concept Development : List of stuff to do

  • Attempt 1 of  making a Sculpture
  • Creature digital concept art development
  • Sculpture  Recreation of another artists
  • Creature Research  Brain Froud
  • Creature concept , further development
  • Sculpting the other artist recreation
  • Further development of the recreation
  • Creature design feedback
  • Creature Photoshop sketches and paintings
  • Further development on Artist recreation
  • Further development on Artist recreation
  • Smoothing and refinement of Artist recreation
  • Start of practical recreation of the Puppet design
  • Creature Photoshop fur brush textures
  • Environment Photoshop painting
  • Mudbox , head bust test
  • Colour test of creature design in Photoshop
  • Armature creation for the  creature practical
  • Creature Sewing practical
  • Smoothing and baking of the Artist reaction
  • Creature practical , creating the skull

Note to self :

This is now on 2nd priority due to amount of work that is needed to be completed in current time span , though if moved to priority it can be completed in a 3 week time span , minimum , though evaluating other project this is unfeasible so 2nd priority is necessary

General Blog Entry : Adaptation and necessity

After reading the Feedback given to me it seems my own analysis of my own weaknesses has been reluctantly confirmed much to my own dismay …

Though sadly this was expected ..

and seems I’m in need of doing what ‘Mashiro Shiina’ had done , I’ve been putting this off even though i probably shouldn’t have , Post  this post the Practice will begin ..

Welp , Time to finally start doing stuff and crank it all to 11 .

Narrative Animation : Deformation Rigging

Deformation Rigging Refers to a relatively complex process of a Type of technique found in animation . According to Research  It involves the creation of complete turnaround of a Character in question , or at least three forms of it , a full front facing image of the full character , a slightly to the side version and a fully to the side version of the character .

The premise is the deformation of a character  image to using a basic- ish rigging system that allows for relativity  smooth manipulation of the system set in place . Though not as well done as some of the other more complex animation techniques it can be quite useful if implemented correctly , for example a tree being effected by the wind in the background or a squid that is not in focus in the background of a shot etc .

(Below is the Stated from the Toonboom Animation Site so the information should be accurate .)

This tips and tricks is divided as follow:

  • Preparing the Character
  • Enabling the Posed Deformer Preference
  • Renaming the Drawings
  • Rigging the Parts
  • Linking Extra Drawings to a Single Rig
  • Assembling the Parts
  • Setting Up the Pivots
  • Optimizing the Skeleton

[Insert Squid in the background Deformation Rig Test Here ] 

  • Make sure to have reference footage

[Insert Tree Wind Swaying Rig Test Here ] 

  • Make sure to have reference footage

Extra :

[Insert Handsome Squidward Deformation Rig Test Here ]

  • Make sure to have reference footage ???