Narrative Animation : Proposal for the Animated film


Narrative Animation : Lip-sync and the Toonboom Cheat


  • A and I : For the A and  I vowel sounds, the lips are generally pulled a bit wider, teeth open , tongue visible and flat against the floor of the mouth
  • E: The E phoneme is similar to the A and I but the lips are stretched a bit wider , the corners uplifted more , and the mouth and  Teeth closed a bit more
  • U: for  the U sound , the lips are pursed outwards , drawn into a pucker but  still somewhat open; the teeth open , and the tongue somewhat lifted
  • O:Again the mouth is drawn to a pucker , but the lips don’t purse outwards , and the mouth is rounder , the tongue flat against the floor of the mouth
  • C,D,G,K,N,R,S,Th,Y and Z : this configuration pretty much covers all the major hard consonants lips mostly closed , stretched wide , teeth closed or nearly closed .
  • F and V: Mouth at about Standard width , but teeth pressed down  into the lower lip. At times there can be variations closer to the D/Th configuration.
  • L: the mouth is open and stretched apart much like the A/I configuration,but
  • M,B and P: These sounds are made with the lips pressed together ; it’s the duration that matters ‘M’ is long hold , ‘mmm’ ; ‘B’ is shorter hold then part , almost a ‘buh’ sounds, P is a quick hold , puff of air
  • W and Q : These two sounds purse the mouth the most almost closing it over the teeth, with just the bottoms of the upper teeth visible , sometimes not even that. Think of a ‘ rosebud mouth ‘
  • Rest Position: Think of this as the ‘ slack’ position , when the mouth is a rest – only with the thread of drool distinctly absent

Basic Lipsync Example.jpg

ToonBoom Harmony Cheat :  

  • There’s a method in the ToonBoom Harmony that automatically syncs up the Audio with the created mouth sections though as useful as it is it has its limits when creating the audio that is intended to be used the audio in question has to be relatively clear of the software will not recognise the things being said in the audio and will create a bit of a mess