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Degree Edition


VS Pre-Production

Visual Storytelling Animatic +Sound


+ Timing test Edited of the background


Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling 3D + Colour test + 3D Test Set

Screenshot (9).pngScreenshot (10).pngScreenshot (11).pngScreenshot (12).pngScreenshot (13).pngScreenshot (2).pngScreenshot (1).pngScreenshot (8).png

Screenshot (24).pngScreenshot (23).pngScreenshot (22).pngScreenshot (21).pngScreenshot (20).pngScreenshot (25).pngScreenshot (28).pngScreenshot (29).pngScreenshot (30).pngScreenshot (31).pngScreenshot (27).pngScreenshot (26).png

Sketch Book Pages,Ideas and Planning

Image (4).jpgImage (7).jpgImage (8).jpgImage (9).jpgImage (10).jpgImage (11).jpgImage (12).jpgImage (13).jpgImage (14).jpgImage (15).jpgImage (16).jpgImage (17).jpgImage (18).jpgImage (19).jpgImage (20).jpgImage (21).jpgImage (22).jpgImage (23).jpgImage (24).jpgImage (25).jpgImage (26).jpgImage (27).jpgImage (29).jpg

Note : Keep Scrolling down to the bottom if things no longer load or if it looks like there is no more work , it will load after a few seconds

Blog temp note :

Rationale ( forward evaluation)

Designs ,sketches , sequence sketches , link to Art , Embed and annotate

one good blog post can jump up marks ( creeping marks )

Reflection and Animated material (keep on topic of the animation itself + technical analysis)

moving Forward ( ‘ I will ….’¬† + Marks can be gained by learning for past mistakes and make relative notes of it )




Visual Storytelling : Sketchbook

(500 Page digital and physical Sketchbook )

Visual Storytelling : Visual Gags in Animation

Visual Gags in Animation can be key to getting the point of a scene across to the audience . This is best seen in the days of Silent film when there was no live audio for the Filmmakers to use so they had to use what they had and do the best they can with it ,for example Charlie Chaplin and the Visual Gags that were present in his work

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