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The Leap

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Blog temp note :

Rationale ( forward evaluation)

Designs ,sketches , sequence sketches , link to Art , Embed and annotate

one good blog post can jump up marks ( creeping marks )

Reflection and Animated material (keep on topic of the animation itself + technical analysis)

moving Forward ( ‘ I will ….’  + Marks can be gained by learning for past mistakes and make relative notes of it )




Production : Leap : Feedback

  • Need to move the cliff edge to the foreground to save the Key animation the best we c
  • need to edit the  Keyframes and posing slightly .
  • Add In betweens and make the Animation smooth and more understandable

Production : The Leap :Visual Development Art work

Shot art work for the leap project -Recovered-Recovered.png

Production : Group project No.3 The Leap

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