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Idea Factory : Davey the Death Metal Unicorn: Scene Script


I realised during the writing of this script is that the concept of it is sound but in actuality it just doesn’t i found it extremely difficult in trying to make this a reality it just didn’t work or turn out like that I wanted it too , i realised i couldn’t truly make fun of this concept with out it just diving into a not so fun discussion about appearance, though i feel like this kinda concept could be done just i can’t see at this current moment to entirely fix the problem so I’m moving on to other concepts to work on.

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Idea Factory: Character Idea Generation 5

The Protagonist (temp name)

Genre : Comedy , Slice of life , Action

Scope : 10 – 15 minute long , 8 Episode Animated or Live action Series 

Age of Intended Audience :  PG  Rating 

This idea is about a student who is in a stereotypical ideal protagonist centred world ,  the only problem is she doesn’t want to be a protagonist but a normal person with a normal life and a normal job , but the universe is constantly putting her in situations that demand her to become a protagonist of a story , but every time she dead eyed says no to the situation much to the dismay of the giving her these weird ridiculous fantastical offers.

Idea Factory : Script writing : Script Test Idea

When humans find a parasite that eats biomass to reproduce , they create a replicating AI to fight fire with fire , but can the Humans survive in the middle  ( monster movie , thriller ) Sugar Free …. working title 

I came up with this in like a second though it could be a decent concept my type of comedy writing is unsuited for it ,though i’m going to keep it for future projects and develop it further .

Genre : Action , Horror , Thriller

Scope : 160 minute Live Action Feature Film

Age of Intended Audience : 15 +