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Idea Factory : Davey the Death Metal Unicorn: Scene Script


I realised during the writing of this script is that the concept of it is sound but in actuality it just doesn’t i found it extremely difficult in trying to make this a reality it just didn’t work or turn out like that I wanted it too , i realised i couldn’t truly make fun of this concept with out it just diving into a not so fun discussion about appearance, though i feel like this kinda concept could be done just i can’t see at this current moment to entirely fix the problem so I’m moving on to other concepts to work on.

Idea Factory : Cupcake’s Slice of life Fluff : Scene Storyboard

Screenshot (16).pngScreenshot (17).png

Idea Factory : The Protagonist : Storyboards

Script Storyboards 1.pngScript Storyboards 1.1.png

Blog temp note :

Rationale ( forward evaluation)

Designs ,sketches , sequence sketches , link to Art , Embed and annotate

one good blog post can jump up marks ( creeping marks )

Reflection and Animated material (keep on topic of the animation itself + technical analysis)

moving Forward ( ‘ I will ….’  + Marks can be gained by learning for past mistakes and make relative notes of it )




Idea Factory: Character Idea Generation 5

The Protagonist (temp name)

Genre : Comedy , Slice of life , Action

Scope : 10 – 15 minute long , 8 Episode Animated or Live action Series 

Age of Intended Audience :  PG  Rating 

This idea is about a student who is in a stereotypical ideal protagonist centred world ,  the only problem is she doesn’t want to be a protagonist but a normal person with a normal life and a normal job , but the universe is constantly putting her in situations that demand her to become a protagonist of a story , but every time she dead eyed says no to the situation much to the dismay of the giving her these weird ridiculous fantastical offers.

Idea Factory : Script writing : Script Test Idea

When humans find a parasite that eats biomass to reproduce , they create a replicating AI to fight fire with fire , but can the Humans survive in the middle  ( monster movie , thriller ) Sugar Free …. working title 

I came up with this in like a second though it could be a decent concept my type of comedy writing is unsuited for it ,though i’m going to keep it for future projects and develop it further .

Genre : Action , Horror , Thriller

Scope : 160 minute Live Action Feature Film

Age of Intended Audience : 15 +

Idea Factory : Idea Generation : Background and Setting

Before you can even try create a decent story you need a decent world to post it in.

This is where your background and setting come in . how do you create this ? Well you have to put a lot of thought into it and fill out most all the general questions of what actually makes a place for example  .

  • What type of world is it ?
  • Is it Realistic or is it fantasy , is it a world that the audience might live in ? its location in its regards to other places in the world . Would the Audience ever get the to visit if not examples might be another planet like Mars or another Universe entirely .
  • Is it a Particular Genre and will the audience know this when they are introduced to it.
  • What the Weather is like , is it dry , rainy most of the time , dark, light , cold , this is something you have to ask yourself .
  • The Landscape , whats the terrain is like , flat ground , hills , trees , concreet  ,


Idea Factory : Peer Feedback 1

Dan :

  • Good Array of Story Ideas
  • Wide Range of Genres not repetitive
  • Stories suit animation well ‘ Cupcakes mortal combat ‘


  • Variety of Stay Ideas not done before
  • Need to expand on story ideas- How do they End ? Is There an end ?
  • Character rough design / descriptions ?
  • what you have is already interesting and makes me want it watch

Response :

Ive taken these into account and have to begin making my ideas for clear as well at developing ideas that allow the possibility for an end , not just on going stories .

More detailed idea development is needed also and that shall be amended soon with detailed personality sheets , designs , story structures , backgrounds for each character and idea.

Note : All  the current scripts are up to 3 – 4 minutes worth of material  in length , this has already been addressed and though the shorter scripts are suited for animation. Experimentation for  longer scripts is needed , these sorts of scripts have already been taken into account and are already in production .

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