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Contextual studies : Black Mirror Analysis

Ultra comss

Episode 2 : Post dystopia ultra health obsessed and advertisement obsessed society .

No individually e.g. same clothes day after day , same activities day after day  ,

Penalties  for not complying . e.g. skipping a porn advert ,even if you simply just look away from the screen .

Promises of false hope to keep the masses in check even though there is no system to actually help them achieve what is promised . rigged system , drugging participants to try get them to do things they normally wouldn’t do .

As soon as the occupancies turn 21 they are admitted to a day after day facility .

6 months life expectancy .

Statement on society,  stifling creativity, turning passion and reality to something like gimmick , the opposite of what it was originally meant to be .

Ultra Consumerism , and exploitation


Contextual Studies : Remakes and Reboots

/Recreating + le film

Adding on to the originals – Re starting the franchise series

Industry , Audience – cannot be  personal judgement


Examples :

Charlie and the chocolate factory ( 2005 )

Ghostbusters ( 2016 )

Godzilla ( 1998 )

Planet of the Apes ( 2001 )

This is an example of four commonly regarded  bad reboots and remakes of resent times.

Areas of  Investigation :

  • Why did we not have these in the 1980s/ 1990s
  • Is this simply the industries being lazy ?
  • what are the benefits  for the industry ? how so these attract new audiences?
  • Is there something about modern consumers that would reject the idea of ‘new’ or ‘original’ ?
  • What roles does  ‘ nostalgia ‘ Play in these creative decisions ?
  • Is this just a typical ‘ cycle’ or is this a signifier of where the industry is headed from now on ?
  • We are now in an age where we have reboots of reboots ( Planet of the Apes , 2001 then 2011 . Spiderman , 2002 , then 2012 , Charlie’s Angels , 2000 and 2017 ) . Why is this ?
  • has the advancement of modern technology had an impact upon what we want as audience

Why did we not have this during the  80’s and 90’s ? ; This isn’t strictly true its more along the lines of there being a surge in the last 20 years especially in the early 2000’s there was  reboots and remakes that time , but before 1994 this they were more further in-between then current day movie reboots . So its definitely not new concept . Though this surge could be to do with the newer generation of content creators playing more towards quick money and the nostalgia factor of the audience they are targeting. This is the most likely scenario as the quality of these films are regarded as subpar at best with very few of them getting decent regard in terms of viewer scores , word of mouth, critical acclaim and  basic story and film structure.

In regard to the claim  the film industry is being lazy , I think its half the case as the industry and the people who make the content and fund it need to make the money and the easiest way to do so is to pander towards the nostalgia of the demographics childhood and creating subpar content saves on money and comes into play when don’t have passion in the work you are doing so , with those facts its clear what they are trying to do and why they are trying to do so .

Though there are some good qualities and effects to this . The amount of money these tend to make brings funding for movies the content creators might actually want to make and in rare cases the some of the reboots become gems that are of decent quality , they also introduce a younger audience to a version of the great films that have came before and might even go out of their way to seek out the original .






Contexual Studies : The Importance of Supporting characters

  1. Back up main characters
  2. key sources  of revelation
  3. unmasking aspects of personality

secondary characters

  • archetypes examples ( the last of us )
  • sidekick  – Ellie
  • tempter –
  • sceptics –  Marline
  • driver – Tess
  • mentor – Joel

3 Minor characters

add to the evolutions of the plot

family in support

best friend offering romantic advice.

comic relief

intermittent interaction with main character

key moments

plot points

4 Incidental characters ‘ supporting character ‘

  • waiters
  • extras
  • neighbours
  • more quirky
  • eccentric

5 sub-plots

x2 with ‘a’ more important than ‘ B’

e.g main plot – ‘ fantasy ‘ subplot – > ‘a’ romance ‘b’ a profession

sub- plots should

-> stress out the main characters(s)

-> or provide contrast in tone

Note: joseph Campbell

( a hero with a thousand faces )

( 1949)

Lord of the rings ( 1554 – 55)

Contextual Studies : Essay : Animation Studios and their Inspirations


UFOtable :

Breif sum up and history .

Normally under the ‘Unlimited Budget’ joke that many people take as fact.  though this is largely not true , this is still believed due to the quality of there work like FATE ZERO among others. This studio was formed in the October of 2000 by former staff members of  TMS entertainment ,the company itself is a Japanese animation company and is held under a rather high regard from its fans , this comes back to the ‘Unlimited budget ‘ reference earlier , lots of fans see the quality of there work and state it was due to this though in reality it was just the product of very talented people and organisation working behind the scenes to create the shows they love . The shows are almost totally created in house unlike many of the similar studios .

The inspirations behind the studio are



Disney animations are a world famous for there high quality and their appeal to all audiences no matter the age. Unlike studio UFOtable its a western animation company and has been around for a lot longer . They practically wrote the book on animation .Disney have created an amazing amount of animations that that are known by so many people .This popularity is mostly is mostly due to how long Disney have been around and people have grown up with it just because of how long its been around for .Disney Animated Studios have also probably had the highest grossing animated features out of all of these names in the industry . With the likes of Frozen ,Tangled and any of the Animated Films that were produced in the Disney Renaissance .

This however says nothing about what actually inspired its creation in the first place and what drove its creator . Unsurprisingly  the Creator of the Studio is the Walt Disney , Its Popular belief that the reason that he created the studio was to make children smile . This was of course was a half truth ,at the time the market for a children entertainment was pretty much untapped for a man like Walt he would of seen this and saw an opportunity and took it with not one reason being the only culprit.


Rooster Teeth Animation

A rather young animation studio compared to the rest of the studios , they have made works likes RWBY , Camp Camp and Red vs Blue  . This animation studio is really new compared to the others in the fact that is has only been around for a couple years as being founded in 2014 , Originally  Monty Oum was the head of the department until his unfortunate death in 2015 .

The Reason for its creation was to expand Roosterteeths ability to make animated project other then their at the the time mostly live action one like Immersion or the Roosterteeth Podcast. Other than Red vs Blue there wasn’t really any shows that needed animation or could make use of the scattered animators available talent  that was present till the formation of this department of the company in doing so they began to create animated shows that have been pretty well received by fans more so that most over shows creating things more along the lines fo cult followings for some of them for example RWBY .

The Inspirations behind the Animation behind a lot of the shows they produce most notability in Red vs Blue and RWBY is the action , this action has mostly been animated by Monty the Head of the head of the department. Not that much is known as of writing about the rest of the studio but it is known where Monty took a lot of his inspirations from notability old martial arts films and how the scenes were portrayed . This lead to really impressive Visuals during the battle scenes produced by Monty and its really easy to tell what he has worked on as a result


A1 Pictures

This is a Japanese studio that produces an abundances of animated features in fact among their surrounding community they are notorious for it .This animation quality is questionable due to the amount they produce so they have to keep things streamlined so the animations normally consist of appealing illustrations with minimal animations with bursts of concentrated  movement when needed . They are also notorious for their possibly poor working conditions though this is apparently not the reality of how they operate , they operate mostly by handing the majority of the animation to contract animators that have no direct connection to themselves .


Laika Entertainment

Laika is a stop motion focused studio , again a rather young studio comparatively to most of the ones I’ve talked about so far . Its first feature animated film was in 2009 in the form of  Coraline , so far the other things this studio has produced is high quality and high budget stop motion films .