Visual Storytelling : Evaluation

Evaluation Notes 1 : Pre-Production of the Visual Storytelling Project is coming along nicely though its not to the Standard I’d like it to be myself . This is mostly just due to the amount of work being produced compared to the other projects currently that are being produced at the same time .

Evaluation Notes 2 :The Design for the main character has been completed and production has continued as predicted , though testing for the 3d backgrounds in the Toonboom are going slower then I could of hoped. Due to having no experience in importing and using 3D background in the software as well as using a 2D Animation layer in the file.

Its a Difficult process in general but i feel like i should be able to get this done relativity at the standard that i’ve put upon myself for this project . I should be able to produce a nice clean looking animation for the final version of this project , possibly not in colour but it being finished is the more important thing .

Evaluation Notes 3 : I used 3D Maya Modelling to create a Detailed model of a bedroom for a  child ages 10 – 13 , with toy boxes and book shelves and posters on the walls as well as an open window leading to the outside to give the animation a better world feel in the 3D space compared to a drawn 2D space. I then used a Camera and a base sphere 3D Polygon shape to plan out and base animate the movement of the characters involved in the animation process , Then I  converted the 3D Space into a  2D one using its lay out by Importing it into the ToonBoom Software which can be used to work in both 3D  and  2D at the same time , using this feature i converted The 3D space and put a 2D Overlay on top of this manually as there was no automated process to Automate this to my knowledge . This gave me much more flexablity in what i could do Drawing and Detail wise compared to the 3D  one on top of just looking better in general .

After importing the background and using it to create a Vetorbased 2D enviorment as previously planned the only thing i had to do was add the foreground character and minor details  like rain and character features , after this the only step was editing what i had to fit the timings then exporting it and making it veritable


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