Production : 3D Animation : Performance Animation

Secondary Action Example : An action other than the  primary action that’s in motion  , adding these makes it feel more alive and

Hitting the Beats :

Staging :  Charlie Chaplin ;the secondary  actions are most present when charlie is not using his hands as he uses his hands to emote the action thats presently being shown this is also present in his face and facial expressions , this is probably due to the lack of sound so he had to show everything is a more physical way.

Dick Van Dyke ; Everything seems timed ,and exaggerated but it has a more organic flow to it , again the secondary actions have a lot to do with the facial expressions and hands to emote more of the action so the audience understands.

Note to self :

Think like an Actor , animators are basically computer actors , think how an action would really be portrayed as well as how its going to be presented

How to Polish a Shot : Step 1 . The  feet should be planted if they are not you shouldn’t be in the polish

Play blast  -> Empty note pad or document needs to be out -> go through frame numbers -> Is the weight working -> Are there bumps in the head weight or body ( as moving ) -> look at the spacing and are things hitting the way they should be -> Arcs -> Final part ; Tiny details , face , fingers -> watch the head and make it hit the accents -> No even timing !! ( make it ease in and out ) -> Breathing  -> it will never be perfect -> Mirror shot to see it from a different perspective


Note to self : Breathing is hard to make and deal with but if its pulled off the it makes your animation look really great


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