Idea Factory : Peer Feedback 1

Dan :

  • Good Array of Story Ideas
  • Wide Range of Genres not repetitive
  • Stories suit animation well ‘ Cupcakes mortal combat ‘


  • Variety of Stay Ideas not done before
  • Need to expand on story ideas- How do they End ? Is There an end ?
  • Character rough design / descriptions ?
  • what you have is already interesting and makes me want it watch

Response :

Ive taken these into account and have to begin making my ideas for clear as well at developing ideas that allow the possibility for an end , not just on going stories .

More detailed idea development is needed also and that shall be amended soon with detailed personality sheets , designs , story structures , backgrounds for each character and idea.

Note : All  the current scripts are up to 3 – 4 minutes worth of material  in length , this has already been addressed and though the shorter scripts are suited for animation. Experimentation for  longer scripts is needed , these sorts of scripts have already been taken into account and are already in production .


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