Idea Factory : Idea Generation : Background and Setting

Before you can even try create a decent story you need a decent world to post it in.

This is where your background and setting come in . how do you create this ? Well you have to put a lot of thought into it and fill out most all the general questions of what actually makes a place for example  .

  • What type of world is it ?
  • Is it Realistic or is it fantasy , is it a world that the audience might live in ? its location in its regards to other places in the world . Would the Audience ever get the to visit if not examples might be another planet like Mars or another Universe entirely .
  • Is it a Particular Genre and will the audience know this when they are introduced to it.
  • What the Weather is like , is it dry , rainy most of the time , dark, light , cold , this is something you have to ask yourself .
  • The Landscape , whats the terrain is like , flat ground , hills , trees , concreet  ,



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