Idea Factory : Basic Narrative Structure

The Three Act Linear basic Story Structure ; its lends its origins to the hand of Aristotle and forms the bases for nearlly all good dramatic structure .

Act 1 ; This is The set up  area of the story  , this include inroductions to the main charcters and establishes them and there goals .  Takes up normally 1/4 of the story .

The Setting ,Situation and Conflit is introduced here as well ,Its basicly the begining of everything and how everything starts.  Takes up 1/2 of the story

Act 2 ;The Development ; This is the main story where the obstcales are established and the protagonist and other charcters develop in this Act , this brings more depth to the characters and meaning to the story and concept. Takes up 1/4 of the entire story.

Act 3 ;This is the climax of the whole story after this section of the story the entire story tends to normally slow down which is the Resolution . This is normally where the end it and everything is complete for a satisfying end .



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