Visual Storytelling: Story Concept /Development v2

The Child and the NightFright : Story Concept ; is a story about two very different best friends .One is very irritating to the other but still can be considerate . The other is the tired straight man character that puts up with the other one but no matter how much they wish they were  gone they can’t actually live without them and actually cares for them deeply .

The story itself is a basic one . Its  the middle of the night the boy is asleep and the Nightblight comes up to him wakes him up tries to scare him but it doesn’t work he just ignores him ,turns arounds and tries to get back to sleep , this annoys/ makes the Nightblight sad . He then he bites the bed and the child turns around again , this sets off a chain of action and reaction between the two as the Nightblight tries to get the child’s attention so that he would play with him ,

This happens till the child just gives in to his friend smiles gently and plays with him a little.


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