Contextual studies : Black Mirror Analysis

Ultra comss

Episode 2 : Post dystopia ultra health obsessed and advertisement obsessed society .

No individually e.g. same clothes day after day , same activities day after day  ,

Penalties  for not complying . e.g. skipping a porn advert ,even if you simply just look away from the screen .

Promises of false hope to keep the masses in check even though there is no system to actually help them achieve what is promised . rigged system , drugging participants to try get them to do things they normally wouldn’t do .

As soon as the occupancies turn 21 they are admitted to a day after day facility .

6 months life expectancy .

Statement on society,  stifling creativity, turning passion and reality to something like gimmick , the opposite of what it was originally meant to be .

Ultra Consumerism , and exploitation



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