Artist Study :Production :Process Analysis : Kayla Marquez

Valkari Reference 1 by on @DeviantArt: Kayla Marquez ~ Tutorial Pt.2: Drawing facial expressions art tutorial // Tutorial: Expressions~:

There is a lot i can learn from Kayla , her work at least in my eyes is something I can study to gain knowledge of poses and body structure as well as exaggeration and conveying intention through body language . Her lines a more rough and defined than some of the other artists i’ve chosen to study but its focus on structure and proportion should is really well done and learning how to do this and get to this level as a basis for the more advanced stuff is a crucial goal .

She seems to experiment then standardize then refine the thing that she is experimenting with.  The idea of Experimenting with her own work constantly is also something I need to practice to avoid all my art work looking the same. This constant incremental refinement of her designs is something i really need to work on.


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