Contextual Studies : Remakes and Reboots

/Recreating + le film

Adding on to the originals – Re starting the franchise series

Industry , Audience – cannot be  personal judgement


Examples :

Charlie and the chocolate factory ( 2005 )

Ghostbusters ( 2016 )

Godzilla ( 1998 )

Planet of the Apes ( 2001 )

This is an example of four commonly regarded  bad reboots and remakes of resent times.

Areas of  Investigation :

  • Why did we not have these in the 1980s/ 1990s
  • Is this simply the industries being lazy ?
  • what are the benefits  for the industry ? how so these attract new audiences?
  • Is there something about modern consumers that would reject the idea of ‘new’ or ‘original’ ?
  • What roles does  ‘ nostalgia ‘ Play in these creative decisions ?
  • Is this just a typical ‘ cycle’ or is this a signifier of where the industry is headed from now on ?
  • We are now in an age where we have reboots of reboots ( Planet of the Apes , 2001 then 2011 . Spiderman , 2002 , then 2012 , Charlie’s Angels , 2000 and 2017 ) . Why is this ?
  • has the advancement of modern technology had an impact upon what we want as audience

Why did we not have this during the  80’s and 90’s ? ; This isn’t strictly true its more along the lines of there being a surge in the last 20 years especially in the early 2000’s there was  reboots and remakes that time , but before 1994 this they were more further in-between then current day movie reboots . So its definitely not new concept . Though this surge could be to do with the newer generation of content creators playing more towards quick money and the nostalgia factor of the audience they are targeting. This is the most likely scenario as the quality of these films are regarded as subpar at best with very few of them getting decent regard in terms of viewer scores , word of mouth, critical acclaim and  basic story and film structure.

In regard to the claim  the film industry is being lazy , I think its half the case as the industry and the people who make the content and fund it need to make the money and the easiest way to do so is to pander towards the nostalgia of the demographics childhood and creating subpar content saves on money and comes into play when don’t have passion in the work you are doing so , with those facts its clear what they are trying to do and why they are trying to do so .

Though there are some good qualities and effects to this . The amount of money these tend to make brings funding for movies the content creators might actually want to make and in rare cases the some of the reboots become gems that are of decent quality , they also introduce a younger audience to a version of the great films that have came before and might even go out of their way to seek out the original .







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