Production : Artists and my own inspirations

Step 1 . be able to draw and create a characters and designs to the level of Pendleton ward the creator and designer of the show Adventure time Pendleton Ward explains how he's keeping Adventure Time weird:

Step 2 . do the same as the previous but to Rebecca sugars level and try to understand and replicate the feel of her work like in Steven universe, as it has a distinct feel to it I have yet to really fined any where else in the industry .

cartoonnetwork:  Stevonnie, a fusion of Steven and Connie #OTPOriginal designs for Stevonnie by Rebecca Sugar:

Beach City Bugle: Alone Together Sketches from Rebecca Sugar:

Step 3 . to understand and master the style and technique  of the Kayla Marquez

if I get the technique of what she is capable of learnt , then I can replicate and improve upon the work any other person can produce

Valkari Reference 2 by the-Orator on DeviantArt:

Step 4. master the advanced illustration techniques and to portray the passion and fun inside of my own work which it why my last goal is to understand and study Grace Liu , shes my favourite artist because she can do all of the above , it comes across and I want to learn that .

CF: Show me your moves by

Dumplr20 by nargyle:


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