Idea Factory : Idea Generation : 10 ideas for possible storys

  1. The Cat and The Rabbit – the cat trys to eat the rabbit  , the cat gets in trouble and the rabbit saves the cat, so the cat then becomes friends with the rabbit .
  2. Cupcake the slice of life fluff – Slice of life fluff about a shy girl who has to go through the day to try and get the last chocolate sunday at the end of everyday ,  but there are always obstacles in the way until she finally manages to get the sunday in the end .
  3. Davey the Death metal Unicorn – An odd middle aged unicorn that wears death metal make up and loves death metal music , though still has a high class paying jobs and no one but one peoples seems care or notice that this doctor or lawyer is a Unicorn wearing death metal make up and a lab coat doing surgery or in a suit with a brief case
  4. Fight Me Nerd ! – A Scott Pilgrim vs the world Style idea where one character is always trying to set up another one to have an over the top fight with them. which the other character always denies when asked even though there has been an overly complicated and intense set up to it .



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