Production : 3D animation: How to Block a Shot


  • Key poses must read!!
  • Read the timing
  • Performance should be visible
  • Everything should be keyed
  • the only thing that can be excused is lipsync
  • inbetweens can be included
  • Silhouette will always be of use

Blocking a shot is a technique that uses key poses to help set a timing to the animation may this be characters or props in the shot that’s being blocked . Blocking is mostly used in 3D animation.

Its important that all the key poses used must read , this is a really important part of the process not just in blocking but any technique that uses key poses or just poses in general .It’s good to remember to use Silhouettes for the poses to make sure that everything readable good poses  are able to read with only a silhouette , also make sure to pay attention to negative space when doing this it’ll help making them readable.

This leads into performance because the poses are what make the poses and how it all follows and feels when its fully animated with the in-betweens. though this kinda understates performance and how much it actually impacts the final piece for example would you watch a most with bad acting ? but a movie with amazing acting wins awards so aiming for great performance and bringing out the most of what the animation is a good goal and something to keep in mind when doing this.

This timing for this is key , it’s kinda the reason for doing this technique in the first place ,its important to make sure the timing for all Key poses is correct to what you want them to be and make sure that they flow well and are all where they are meant to be when they are meant to be .

Its a pretty good idea to make sure everything is keyed correctly while doing the above .

Though lipsync can be done and can be easy , at this stage it shouldnt be worried about too much especially if you haven’t got the audio for it yet .


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