Story boards are part of the planning stage of the animation , depending on the studio  they may use these as the primary stage they  use for planning the story and visuals of the overall animation . These mostly go on to become the blueprint for the final animation with sometimes little being changed to the final piece

These are also used to work out the timing of the animation , with each key pose of frame being drawn out onto the storyboards .

Overall the

  • Script breakdown
  • aspect ratio
  • arrows
  • drawing

Direction : little bit of direction is okay

  • keyposes
  • timing
  • beats ( beat of the movement)
  • Phoneme shapes (mouth shapes)
  • Staging
  • Should be able to look at it and get feel for the overall animated piece2ccceefdbec1dd1737ae3c626efb0a5e.jpgd3a3621118f26ad91c949c4b293131de.jpg