Production : Basic Planning for Solo Projects/ Short films

  • Walk – 2D digital animation
  • Get up – 2D Digital  animation
  • Hand – 3D animation
  • Creep –  3D animation

Walk –  This should be a walk cycle  , I suppose from a turn around camera view point , though this maybe hard to achieve in 2D at my current level ,

Step 1 : Character design (ascetics, personality , etc )

Step 2 : underlay draft and figuring out the proportions of the turn around camera and calculate the math for the project

Step 3 : Create a Underlay Draft of the Walk cycle ( at this phase include Blocking processes)

Step 4 :Spining process

Step 5 : Polishing process

Get up – This could be either the same character or a different character getting up from a crouch and looking into the distance . ( focus on proportions and cinematography )

Step 1 :


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