Character Animation:

Keyframe MP <— Crack

Light and heavy ball bouncing + Rendered

Create a pose of ballerina and  render  <—- using Eleven rig



Concept Development: Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance <—- contest brief

Draw, by hand or digitally, an original creature concept for the world of The Dark Crystal and submit your design online. The winner will be awarded $500 and their concept design will be crafted and built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™ to make a possible cameo appearance in the upcoming Netflix original series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

This small, woodland creature must be a brand new concept – it cannot be a variation of an existing species, e.g., Skeksis, Mystic, Podling. All ideas are welcome, as long as they feel true to the world of The Dark Crystal, without being a variation of an existing Brian Froud drawing. Please include at least a front and side view of your new creature. In addition, please provide a paragraph of 50–100 words about your new creature, including a name, brief back story and characteristics of the creature.

Your submission should include one or more still images submitted as JPGs or PNGs. Pencil drawings, paintings, digital drawings, digital paintings, and digital models are all acceptable, however the final submission must be as JPG or PNG files.

Contestants may submit more than one entry.

Task 1 

  • Research the work of Brian Froud , Wendy Froud .








Narrative Animation: Planning and Preparation

  • Like all good work ,planning and preparation is key to  producing a good and well structured storyline
  • The overall process that you should adhere to in industry will look like this :

– Logline/Tagline (a line) ( One/two days)

-Springboard (a Paragraph) ( One/two days)

-Premise ( a page ,needs to be understood ) (One Week – 5 working days)

– Outline (basic beats of the series/film / short) ( a page ) (One Week – 5 working days)

-Draft 1 and polish ( one page = 35 seconds approx ) (One Week)

-Draft 2 and prolish ( one page = 35 seconds approx ) (One Week)

-Polished draft (one page = 35 seconds approx) (One Week)

Task 1 

Deeper Analysis : 

  • How much do you need to write for each ? 

In General Storytelling sense when writing a story / script for an animated feature the normal rule is 1 min per page of script but this rule is more of a guideline then something set in stone , when it comes to other types of storytelling , its varies heavily from a paragraph to several pages .

  • How long is your animation? And how will this affect this size of your draft ? 

As I’ve mentioned before the 1 min per Page guideline , though this is a good rule of thumb the depending on how your writing the your draft it could be inherently bypassed , for example during the production of Adventure time it was a storyboard based narrative, giving it a more natural or organic flow to it .

  • What genre is your animation going to be How will this affect the tagline , springboard and premise? 

Depending on the Genre of what you’re planning this can affect the process or how long it takes to plan out your Animation. This can be affected by a number of factors like , Tone , your Demographic Audience and age of that audience , Gender ,Art Direction , Medium of animation. Though in the Genre of my animation it’s not as affected by the differences in production planning as maybe some of the others for example , 3D Animation or Stop Motion.


  • How will you research your story? How will this affect your idea as a whole ?

researching a Story can be a long process but afterwards it greatly affects the Final Product , as long as you don’t accidentally break the taboo of plagiarism . Watching and reading a lot of Stories and animations can be very helpful , but just researching the good pieces of work and not the bad can let you miss some important aspects , so making sure to research the terrible pieces is also greatly important ,


  • How long will you get to plan? What are the implications of having a schedule to work to ? 

Usually you don’t actually get much time to plan out the animation at hand , though this is part of the process of working in a large team in the industry and creating something to a schedule so the animation pipeline doesn’t get backed up. Everyone in that Pipeline has a part to play so that the animation can be created by a set date


Information and Stories :

Difference between Information and Story , This questions is inherently the same as the difference between knowledge and wisdom . The difference is that Knowledge / raw information is just that raw information , Storytelling like Wisdom is the ability to convey and understand that raw information , most of the time this can be just converting the information into a narrative structure so that it can be understood.

  • The difference is in the way it is told
  • A story is descriptive structure that flows
  • Information is told to you , there are only facts

Task 2

  • You must gather examples of stories that work well on their own, without the medium of animation .

The movie ‘Limitless‘ Due to its more grounded story in reality it works very well without any real use of animation during its narrative .

The ‘Shawshank Redemption‘ again due to its more grounded  nature its more of the

  • Why have these stories been told in an animation rather than live action ? 

more fantastical Narratives like , ‘Rick & Morty ‘ , ‘Tangled’ ,  ‘Your Name’ have the need to be based in the realm of Animation due to need for the more fantastical elements in the narrative this is most common in Sci Fi and Fantasy Genre .






Narrative Animation: What’s the Story?

Create the outline of a story around the following word:


you must create a story within the first half of the lesson

the story should be no longer than 3 paragraphs long



A Mage teacher takes their student on epic discovery to an ancient temple ,only to find that magic doesn’t exist , their way of life and everything they know lie. The Discovery comes with an unknown price hunted for what they know by the ‘Loki’ a monstrous humanoid creature biomechanical in nature .

The journey home will  be long and tedious with many dangers they lay ahead from starving thieves who want their heads , corrupt politicians who wish to suppress the truth and a deadly environment that will do anything to stop them getting home again.  Survival will be the key but will they be able to deal with all the obstacles in their way.

But the question still remains did they really come out from the place they discovered and are they really still human .