Character Performance Resit :

Character Performance Portfolio : Objectives 

Students will be assessed on the applications of character forms , consisting of moving components . animated to scripts. the sequence should be a minimum of 30 seconds in total , within which , the articulated body movements should communicate meaning through expression and action along with an understanding of the principles of animation 

  • Show applications of character forms consisting of moving components 
  • Animate character forms to a script 
  • a Animated Sequence of  minimum of 30 seconds which should include a animated and articulated body with movements that communicated properly 
  • a complete understanding of the Principles of Animation in all of these objectives 

Work Journal : Objectives

Students must submit hand-drawn and digital evidence of character development that reflects the design process . this can also include experimental character designs and animated sequences 

  • A selection of hand-drawn character development pieces 
  • A selection of Digital drawings or character development 
  • A selection of Prototype animated pieces  
  • A Selection of experimental character designs 
  • Skeletal Structure ,Joints and Articulation 
  • Weight and Balance 
  • Inertia and Dynamics 
  • Body language and Facial expression 
  • Acting , Theatricals performance and Dialogue 

Art Fundamentals : List of Stuff Needed for Deadline

  •  A Full A3 Sketchbook of Designs annotations and technical research
  • A Blog and online portfolio design materials
  • An isolated portfolio of materials in response to case study’s research


Notes :

Mind Mapping


Draw the research subjects e.g. biker dudes

Initial Concept Designs

3 Main to Devlop

1 Final Design Choice

Develop Final Design

Final Final design