Narrative Animation : Environment and background Asset Design and Creation

Parallax : insert meaning here

Note: Create design assets  in Photoshop for Toonboom Harmony :

  • Width : 1920
  • Height : 1080
  • Frame rate : 24

Ideas and Various settings :

  • inside of a bedroom
  • outside of a house
  • inside of a kitchen
  • a mirror in the bedroom
  • a street corner and a lamppost
  • the outside of a corner store
  • classroom and a cupcake

Ideas of how to create the assets : 

  • Water colour ?
  • Flat, rounded ? ( Adventure time esc ? )
  • Abstract ?  ( made up of distinct shapes , think the panning shots from Steven Universe )
  • The Anime Method ( Get a picture from real life to save time and draw / paint over it to create the asset needed ) ( own house pictures ? )
  • Western cartoon method ( Completely create a new background from scratch )


Image result for adventure time backgrounds


Image result for nichijou backgrounds assets

Assets Needed Per shot :

  • Background
  • Mid-ground
  • The  in-between layer
  • foreground

Notes : 

Parallax : insert meaning here

Remember to put every layer in Photoshop in a folder importing to Toomboom will be much much harder to accomplish

Possibly both methods : animu + western ( less detailed )

interactive assets separate to background assets ( whats going to stay  still and whats going to move



Narrative Animation : Idea Expansion

  • A group of super intelligent squirrels hell bent on on acquiring the last jar of peanut butter – Funny post apocalyptic Adventure series featuring sentient Squirrels .
  • A Redo of the Sweet Awkward Cupcakes Slice of life Fluff Concept – A Young Awkward girl who tries her hardest  in the most over the the top ways possible to finally get a popular Chocolate Sundae from her local store only to fail every time she tries and gets given a Strawberry cupcake instead by the Store manger because they’ve sold out.
  • A RPG Slice decides to try his best to destroy the world – but is so squishy that he just gets picked up as a pet by a little boy , little does the boy know how much of a foul mouth the squish monstrosity that he has adopted as his pet .