Narrative Animation : List of stuff to do

  • Character Design : Cupcake overhaul + Character Sheet
  • Character Design : Cupcakes Depressed Best friend Overhaul + Character Sheet
  • Character Design : Basic Classmates Designs + Character Sheet (Maybe)
  • Character Design : Basic Teacher Design + Character Sheet (Maybe)
  • Environment Design : Classroom
  • Environment Design : Cupcakes House interior
  • Environment Design : Cupcakes house exterior
  • Environment Design : Outside of The Cupcake Shop
  • Animation Test : 1
  • Animation Test : 2
  • Final Animation : Basic
  • Final Animation : Refined
  • Final Animation : Coloured

Note to self :

Due to time span needed to complete current workload , this project has been moved to 1st priority


Concept Development : List of stuff to do

  • Attempt 1 of  making a Sculpture
  • Creature digital concept art development
  • Sculpture  Recreation of another artists
  • Creature Research  Brain Froud
  • Creature concept , further development
  • Sculpting the other artist recreation
  • Further development of the recreation
  • Creature design feedback
  • Creature Photoshop sketches and paintings
  • Further development on Artist recreation
  • Further development on Artist recreation
  • Smoothing and refinement of Artist recreation
  • Start of practical recreation of the Puppet design
  • Creature Photoshop fur brush textures
  • Environment Photoshop painting
  • Mudbox , head bust test
  • Colour test of creature design in Photoshop
  • Armature creation for the  creature practical
  • Creature Sewing practical
  • Smoothing and baking of the Artist reaction
  • Creature practical , creating the skull

Note to self :

This is now on 2nd priority due to amount of work that is needed to be completed in current time span , though if moved to priority it can be completed in a 3 week time span , minimum , though evaluating other project this is unfeasible so 2nd priority is necessary

General Blog Entry : Adaptation and necessity

After reading the Feedback given to me it seems my own analysis of my own weaknesses has been reluctantly confirmed much to my own dismay …

Though sadly this was expected ..

and seems I’m in need of doing what ‘Mashiro Shiina’ had done , I’ve been putting this off even though i probably shouldn’t have , Post  this post the Practice will begin ..

Welp , Time to finally start doing stuff and crank it all to 11 .

Narrative Animation : Deformation Rigging

Deformation Rigging Refers to a relatively complex process of a Type of technique found in animation . According to Research  It involves the creation of complete turnaround of a Character in question , or at least three forms of it , a full front facing image of the full character , a slightly to the side version and a fully to the side version of the character .

The premise is the deformation of a character  image to using a basic- ish rigging system that allows for relativity  smooth manipulation of the system set in place . Though not as well done as some of the other more complex animation techniques it can be quite useful if implemented correctly , for example a tree being effected by the wind in the background or a squid that is not in focus in the background of a shot etc .

(Below is the Stated from the Toonboom Animation Site so the information should be accurate .)

This tips and tricks is divided as follow:

  • Preparing the Character
  • Enabling the Posed Deformer Preference
  • Renaming the Drawings
  • Rigging the Parts
  • Linking Extra Drawings to a Single Rig
  • Assembling the Parts
  • Setting Up the Pivots
  • Optimizing the Skeleton

[Insert Squid in the background Deformation Rig Test Here ] 

  • Make sure to have reference footage

[Insert Tree Wind Swaying Rig Test Here ] 

  • Make sure to have reference footage

Extra :

[Insert Handsome Squidward Deformation Rig Test Here ]

  • Make sure to have reference footage ???